FGLF 2017 - Exhibitions

FGLF 2017 – Exhibitions


– Work by Pure Evil.

FGLF 2017 Exhibition - The Nightmare Series by Pure Evil.

Charles Uzzell-Edwards is the street artist known as Pure Evil. His art of primarily modern icons is both a biographical signature and a cultural critique of the West.

His pop culture symbols are viewed in urban landscapes from Sao Paulo to Sydney. For the Fairway Galle Literary Festival, Pure Evil is exhibiting a series of works known as the Nightmare Series.

A chance email from a Chinese “copy village” gave Pure Evil the impetus for his Nightmare Series.

The village offered, via email, a list of artists it could reproduce, including three Andy Warhol paintings. The idea of Warhol’s entire artistic output distilled down to three small 64×64 pixel thumbnails of Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and an Electric Chair became the inspiration for the doomed and dripping celebrity portraits in this exhibition.

They are an illustration of the heartbreak and sadness we have all experienced in relationships in the past.

  • Venue: Fort Bazaar Hotel & Spa, 26, Church Street, Galle Fort.
  • Date: Thursday January 12th – Sunday January 15th, 2017.
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Meet the Artist Charles Uzzel Edwards (Fort Bazaar Hotel & Spa) Limited free booked passes. Cocktails and canapés.

  • Date: Saturday January 14th, 2017.
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Hempel Galleries presents ‘SHAPING TEXTURE’.

– An Exhibition by Sue Harrigan.


Hempel Galleries presents Shaping Texture by artist Sue Harrigan

Hempel Galleries presents Shaping Texture by artist Sue Harrigan

Sue’s love of natural form and texture is revealed in her interpretation of the human form, pattern and texture, which she will be presenting for the first time in Sri Lanka.

“The ancient olive trees in the surrounding area of my home in northern Tuscany embody this. I see the twisted trunks resembling pleated silk skirts; knurled deformities as billowing fabric and the intertwined boughs soaring their way to heaven, as female bodies frozen in time. The rhythm of nature beats at the heart of my work.”

Sue grew up in the U.K. and now splits her time between Tuscany, the U.K. and Sri Lanka.

“I have lived in Sri Lanka too: revelling in the colour and vibrancy of daily life and nature; the form of the Bodhi trees inspiring my work, is an accretion of my perceptions and observations.”

The Exhibition will continue for the duration of the Festival.

  • Venue: The Amangalla Spa, Amangalla Hotel, 10, Church Street, Galle Fort.

A private viewing is available on Friday January 13th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Bawa Staircases

– Exhibition by Sebastian Posings

FGLF 2017 Exhibition - Bawa Staircases by Sebastian Posings.

Whilst they were working on their book ‘In Search of Bawa’, David Robson and Sebastian Posingis were struck by the diversity and ingenuity of Geoffrey Bawa’s staircase designs.

These range from the tiniest of domestic staircases – such as that which leads up from his private bathroom courtyard to his secret lookout at Lunuganga – to the plethora of grand flights that grace the University of Ruhuna campus.

David and Sebastian decided to record all those that still survive and plan to produce a book of them.

This exhibition of Sebastian’s photographs is hung in the upper pool court of Geoffrey Bawa’s Lighthouse Hotel, and is reached via the astonishing staircase made by Laki Senanayake which, with its balustrade of writhing warriors, re-enacts the Battle of Radeniya.

The exhibition runs for the duration of the Festival.

  • Venue: The Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel 433A, Dadella, Galle.
  • Dates: Thursday January 12th – Sunday January 15th
  • Times: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


– Work by Leo Art Artists.

FGLF 2017 Exhibition - Leo Art at the Fest.

Leo Art is an artists-in-residence programme designed to encourage creativity in the fine arts by providing artists with a space to express their ideas, collaborate with agency teams on commercial projects and be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

In August, to celebrate the 81st anniversary of Leo Burnett Worldwide, the company gave back to the creative community by holding the 7th edition of Leo Art, titled ‘Strokes at the Mews’, it featured 19 contemporary Sri Lankan artists.

Leo Art will stage its 8th edition during the Festival at The Fort Printers Hotel.

It will feature a new collection of canvases from 10 selected contemporary artists.

  • Venue: The Fort Printers, 39, Pedlar Street, Galle Fort.
  • Dates: Thursday January 12th – Sunday January 15th.
  • Times: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Exhibition and Book Launch: Nayomi Munaweera and Leo Art (The Fort Printers). Limited Free Booked Passes. Mocktails and canapes will be served.

  • Thursday January 12th, 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


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