Sandra Jensen’s workshop covered the what, why and how of “Flash Fiction” stories and event enabled participants to depart with at least 2 stories ready to be submitted to the numerous publications and contests that are looking for flash fiction.

What is Flash Fiction?  Flash (also known as micro fiction, postcard fiction, short shorts, sudden fiction, prose poems) is the art of brevity taken to an extreme, where not only every word counts but every comma and every line break: a complete story in under 1000 words and preferably less.

While very short fiction has been around for decades – Chekov, Hemingway, Carver and other luminaries have written flash – the genre’s popularity is taking off, perhaps because a flash story can fit onto a cellphone screen, and can penetrate the tiny cracks in our increasingly hectic lifestyles.

“A good flash, replete with a cohesive plot, rich language and enticing imagery, is perhaps the hardest type of fiction to write. A good flash is so condensed that it borderlines poetry. A good flash engages your mind not only for the short duration of its read, but for a long time after.” – Vestal Review


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