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Like many festivals of its kind, the Fairway Galle Literary Festival (FGLF) is made possible through the efforts of a small team of dedicated individuals and returns year-after-year only by the grace of generous sponsors, collaborators and contributors.

We are always on the lookout for new supporters to add to our growing FGLF family and there are a number of ways to support the festival, as an individual – whether in cash, kind or air miles – or as an enterprise through branding and engagement initiatives launched for benefactors of the festival.

The Fairway Galle Literary Festival is an internationally recognized festival which attracts not only the local population but global literary art lovers as well. In 2016 the FGLF saw almost 5,000 attendees in Galle.

Festival Objectives

Festival Attendees

A varied gathering of over 4500 people of different ages and cultures who are attracted to the FGLF in 2016 because of its diverse content.


“Our recent holiday in Sri Lanka brought us to Galle and we were delighted to discover that our visit coincided with your festival. So delighted in fact that we are considering coming again next January.” – Timothy King (Audience member)


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Partner with the FGLF

The Fairway Galle Literary Festival is a not for profit organization and relies on the support of benefactors to sustain the festival.

We welcome your participation. To find out more about how you can help, or about opportunities to become a partner, please contact our Festival Director, Amrita Pieris at: