The 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival is delighted to welcome back Deshan Tennekoon as a returning moderator and participant in the FGLF Children’s Programme.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Deshan Tennekoon

During the day, Deshan perpetrates book design, while at night he writes comics and storybooks.

He co-wrote Podi, a tropical shrink-fiction adventure comic (forthcoming, Oni Press, 2018); and Metta Helmet for the Ignatz Award-winning anthology Elements: Fire.

His haiku have been featured in the poetry comics anthology Over The Line (Sidekick Books, 2015), the comics poetry journal, Inkbrick (2015/16), the Sri Lankan SFF magazine, Lexicons (2015) and Prune Juice, an online journal of senryu.

Occasionally he gets asked to write things that aren’t comics, like the essay “Traditional Culture” and “Aesthetics of Sri Lanka” for the Encyclopedia of Asian Design (forthcoming, Bloomsbury Publishing).

Currently he writes storybooks for Think Equal, an NGO specialising in social emotional learning and is fighting to finish his 14th book.

When not writing or designing, he takes photographs and strenuous naps.


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