We are delighted to welcome artist and photographer Marie-Caroline Senlis to the 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Marie-Caroline Senlis

Marie-Caroline Senlis is a French photographer, living in Colombo.

She has been living in Asia for nearly twenty years, and has been profoundly inspired by her different experiences in China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Sri Lanka.

After studies in Chinese, Literature and Linguistics, Marie-Caroline Senlis focused on Art and Fine Art studies, Photography, Sculpture and Drawing.

She works mainly in black and white, with films, doing silver gelatin prints herself in the darkroom, as it is a way to deepen subjects and give space to a poetic approach on Art and Photography.

She explored different topics such as trees, misty landscapes, sea, portraits, Versailles’ gardens, abstraction and matter, mystic sites, pregnant women nudes, photo-reportage, and more.

“Whatever the subject is, poetry, dreams and surrealism are always there”.

She exhibited her work in France and Asia, and the last two years in Sri Lanka.


Learn More About Marie-Caroline Senlis:

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