We are delighted to welcome artist Mika Tennekoon to the 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival as a participant of the FGLF Children’s Programme.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Mika Tennekoon.

Sri Lankan artist Mika Tennekoon completed her HND in Visual Communication at the Academy of Design in Sri Lanka and has an FCC in printmaking from Khala Bhavana in Santiniketan, India.

Mika staged her first solo exhibition at The Saskia Fernando Gallery in November 2012.

She has participated in group shows in Sri Lanka as well as in India, Vietnam, Dubai and the USA.

Tennekoon presented her work as an illustrator at Pecha Kucha in 2011. She has also been involved in projects such as the Secret Garden Party and Whale of a Time in the UK.

Locally she has coordinated Galle Literary Festival art workshops, been involved in Colombo Fashion Week and with a collective named COCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists).

Mika Tennekoon also works with multiple mediums such as photography, digital sketches and installation. Her work explores such themes as our relationship with nature and the environment, our connection to the divine feminine, and the unseen.

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