We are delighted to welcome actor, director, radio presenter and educator Tracy Holsinger to the 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival as the Programme Coordinator of the FGLF Children’s Programme.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Tracy Holsinger

Tracy Holsinger is a theatre director, arts educator and radio presenter. She is the Vice Principal of the Wendy Whatmore Academy of Speech and Drama (WWA) and Artistic Director of the Mind Adventures Theatre Company.

Tracy’s theatre work focuses on socio-political issues of special relevance to Sri Lanka, and has been featured at the Galle Literary Festival, Colomboscope, Metroplus (India) and Ubumuntu (Rwanda).

Her qualifications in Drama and Theatre are from Goldsmiths College and Trinity College, UK. As a drama teacher, Tracy has worked in several capacities with schools and universities around Sri Lanka.

She has taught Drama for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Edexcel and Cambridge examinations, and also trains and presents teachers and performers for professional qualifications awarded by Trinity College, London and the WWA.


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