We are delighted to welcome back renowned Sri Lankan architect Channa Daswatte to the 2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

Fairway Galle Literary Festival Participant - Architect Channa Daswatte.

Channa Daswatte is one of Sri Lanka’s leading architects who lives and practices in Kotte, and is currently a partner of MICD Associates

He was a friend, confidant and the principal assistant to Sri Lanka’s most prolific and influential architect, Geoffrey Bawa.

Most have referred to Mr. Daswatte as the spiritual successor of Geoffrey Bawa, but, Mr. Daswatte says that Geoffrey Bawa is a hard act to follow and that he just happened to be lucky to be with him when he did.

Channa also writes frequently for international and local journals and magazines, and co-authored ‘Sri Lanka Style – Tropical Design and Architecture’ (2006) with Dominic Sansoni.

Sri Lanka Style by Channa Daswatte.

According to Channa, Sri Lankan Style embodies simplicity of materials and a minimal complexity of spaces that are put together and relating specifically to the natural environment either within an open landscape, the courtyards and the interior gardens established within urban buildings.

Over the years, Channa has written widely on the architecture of Sri Lanka.

In this talk, Channa talks traces the DNA of contemporary Sri Lankan design through the works of the legendary Geoffrey Bawa and other pioneers.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbVfy4GxPJg]

Channa Daswatte at FGLF 2017

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