Jennifer Murray, born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1940, is the recipient of the Britannia Trophy, the International Harmon Trophy for Aviatrices and the holder of several World Guinness Book Records for Aviation.

She has travelled extensively, run the London Marathon, trekked in Nepal and Bhutan. She has competed twice in Hong Kong’s 100-kilometre MacLehose Trail hiking race and … exhibited water colour paintings in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

A world-class achiever, on September 6, 2000 – at the age of 60, became the first woman to pilot a helicopter solo around the world, a distance of 36,000 miles in 97 days.

Her book, ‘Now Solo’ (2002), tells the epic journey of her eighteen months of intensive preparation for her flight.

Now Solo by Jennifer Murray.

Surprisingly it wasn’t until age 54 that Jennifer entered the world of helicopters. Already a marathon runner, successful businesswoman, mother and grandmother, being a pilot, added a whole new dimension to her life.

‘Now Solo’ documents Jennifer’s journey, taken from the audio diaries which she kept at the end of each exhausting day, the book tells of the planning and endless bureaucracy and of the tempers and tiredness.

In 2015, at the age of 65, Jennifer flew a helicopter from the south to the north pole. Her book ‘Broken Journey’ (2006) talks about her attempt, crash in the Antarctic and what she endured to survive against the odds which she discusses in this TEDx talk …

3 years later Jennifer Murray reattempted the expedition and succeeded! She encourages us to embrace the mantra she has, which is  …

“You haven’t failed, until you’ve stopped trying”- Jennifer Murray

Jennifer Murray at FGLF 2017

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