Winner, Vidyodaya Literary Award, 2010

Prabhath Jayasinghe is a fiction writer and poet who has published three collections of short stories and a narrative poem.

His narrative poem Anawaratha’ (2008), was nominated for two national awards. Prabhath’s first book of short stories, ‘Vayambadiga Vasiyekuge Dina Satahan’ (2010), won the Vidyodaya Literary Award and the second, ‘Deva-Kanya’ (2013), was nominated for two awards.

His latest, published in 2016, is ‘Makara Thorana’. Jayasinghe is a writer who prefers to investigate the intricacies of human behaviour by experimenting with different narrative techniques. By profession, he is a Professor at the University of Colombo, holding a BA, MPhil and PhD in Economics.