We are delighted to welcome German graphic designer and illustrator Reinhard Kleist to the 2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival. (Visit supported by the Goethe Institute)

2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival - Author and Illustrator Reinhard Kleist.

Reinhard Kleist has published many non-fiction graphic novels including ‘Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness’ (2006), about the life of Johnny Cash that was a bestseller, has won several awards including two nominations for Harvey and Eisner in the U.S.A. and has been translated into 14 languages.

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness by  Reinhard Kleist.

In 2008,Reinhard learned Spanish in order to travel to Cuba, where he drew and sketched street scenes from Havana, which he compiled in the graphic book ‘Havanna’ (2009).

He also wrote a graphic novel biography of Fidel Castro titled ‘Castro’ (2010).

Castro by Reinhard Kleist.

In 2012, he published the graphic novel ‘The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft’ which tells the story of Jewish Boxer Harry Haft during the Second World War.

The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft by Reinhard Kleist.

‘The Boxer’ has been translated into Italian, English, Bulgarian, Portugues, French, Indonesian, Czech, Serbian, Spanish and Macedonian.

Reinhard’s latest book is a graphic biography which tells the remarkable true story of Somali Olympian Samia Yusuf Omar, published in 2015 under the title ‘An Olympic Dream: The Story of Samia Yusuf Omar’.

An Olympic Dream: The Story of Samia Yusuf Omar by Reinhard Kleist.

17-year-old Yusuf Omar competed in the 200m at the 2008 Olympics. 4 years later, she found herself on board a refugee boat to Europe, risking her life on the waters of the Mediterranean. This is the amazing story of Yusuf Omar’s attempt to compete at the London Games in 2012. Following her journey through Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya to its tragic conclusion, An Olympic Dream is both a forceful statement on Europe’s response to the refugee crisis and a moving biography of an incredible woman.”

An Olympic Dream was awarded the “Annual Lynx” and the Catholic Children and Youth Book Prize in 2016.

He is currently working on a biography comic about Nick Cave.

Reinhard Kleist at FGLF 2017

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