DAVID MACDONALD and DAWN BURNHAM on Was Cecil Special? Our Love of Wildcats Through the Ages.

Date: Thursday, January 12 2017

Time: 10:30 a.m.- 12:00 noon.
Location: Fairway Pavilion, Galle Fort.

This audio-visual presentation, from the founder of the famous Oxford WildCRU and his associate, looks at ‘Cecil the Lion’ who was illegally killed in Zimbabwe in 2015, and asks whether Cecil was special in a variety of ways.

WildCRU, at the time of Cecil’s death, was satellite tracking him and had to deal with the fallout of the lion’s death.

This presentation look at what is known about wild lions and their behaviour and sociology, how serious are the threats to them, and what does the global response to Cecil’s killing say about global opinion.

From that starting point, the presentation will turn to broader cultural questions, first about the place of big cats in the everyday person’s perceptions of Nature and then, in the context of a Literary Festival, their role in Art, and what that might tell us of their future.

This is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the great conservationists of our time.

Dawn Burnham’s travel is sponsored by Sri Lankan Airlines.

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