THE DEEP READ: Lezley Hazleton on The First Muslim and Agnostic.

Date: Friday, January 13 2017.

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: Hall de Galle, Galle Fort.

This in-depth session will begin with Afdhel Aziz reading from his prize winning poetry which draws on the rich imagery of Sri Lanka to create poems of simple intimacy, capturing the lush beauty of the country, as well as its darker side.

“Poems of simple intimacy that capture the lush beauty of Sri Lanka.” – The Daily Mirror.

This will be followed by a brilliant audio-visual talk by Lesley Hazleton that draws on two of her books on faith and Islam, ‘The First Muslim’ and ‘Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto’.

When Hazleton sat down to write a biography of Muhammad, she was aware how this might be seen. A resolutely agnostic Jew – and a woman – delving deep into the life of the revered prophet of Islam? But what might at first seem a disadvantage, turned out to be quite the opposite. Hazleton will talk about how she came to write The First Muslim and what it was like to live with her subject: the discoveries and struggles along the way, the guiding principles of empathy and integrity, and her reaction to the remarkable welcome accorded the book by Muslims worldwide.

“A rich biography … Those who read it will come away well prepared to understand the prophet whose message, 14 centuries later, is the creed of more than a billion and a half people.” – The San Francisco Chronicle.

Lesley Hazleton’s visit is sponsored by the Esufally Family Foundation.

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