IN CONVERSATION: Lesley Hazleton on The Virgin and the Harlot - Mary the Mother of Jesus and Jezebel.

Date: Saturday, January 14 2017.

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.
Location: Hall de Galle, Galle Fort.

In this engrossing conversation, Lesley Hazleton will discuss two iconic female figures in Christianity, and how she approached and researched her subjects.

Mary is a flesh-and-blood biography of the Virgin Mother. Starting with a dark-skinned girl, barely out of adolescence when she gives birth, Hazleton weaves together the many facets of Mary’s existence: peasant villager, wise woman and healer, activist, mother, teacher, and yes, virgin – though in a sense we have long forgotten.

In Jezebel, Hazleton brings alive this proud and courageous queen of Israel, vilified and made into the very embodiment of wanton wickedness. There is no woman with a worse reputation than Jezebel, but what if this version of her story, handed down to us through the ages, is merely the one her enemies wanted us to believe?

“This riveting biography breaks through all our preconceptions… You’ll never read the Hebrew bible the same way again” – Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth and Misconceptions.

Lesley Hazleton’s visit is sponsored by the Esufally Family Foundation.

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