FGLF 2017 – MAS Children’s Programme Assistant to the Coordinator.

Fairway Galle Literary Festival - Job Opportunity - MAS Children's Programme Asstant Coordinator.

Scope of Work:

  • Part Time position.
  • Project Fee: Rs.85,000
  • Start Date: November 2016 – January 2017 


The Assistant to the Coordinator will assist with the logistics and admin for the programme and should enjoy working with volunteers and children. The Assistant will work closely with the Children’s Programme Coordinator, the Programme Heads and Volunteers. The Assistant will also be present on-the-ground for the Children’s Programme in Galle for the employment period and specifically these Programme dates:

Galle Schools Days : 10-11th January 2017

  • An outreach programme featuring Lit Fest presenters in local schools.

Galle Teacher Training : 13th January 2017

  • A teacher training programme for teachers from local schools led by Lit Fest presenters.

FGLF Galle Children’s Programme : 14th & 15th January 2017

  • A series of ticketed workshops featuring Lit Fest authors and local and international art practitioners for approximately 90 children.

Expectations of the Assistant to the Coordinator:

  • Ability to maintain regular communication and to promptly respond to calls, messages and emails.
  • Attends weekly meetings and workdays which we arrange with you
  • Ability to solve problems, make solutions and be a self sufficient, pro-active, independent worker.
  • Notify us of your normal schedule and any changes which may arise
  • Ability to promptly complete assigned tasks and keep us updated / CC’d on your efforts.
  • Assists with communication to Schools, Parents, Government Departments, Contractors and Suppliers for the implementation of the festival.

Required Skills and Prior Experience:

  • Experience and skills for working with children.
  • Experience working, volunteering with or organising events.
  • Fluency in the Office Suite specifically the full range of Google Docs and cloud computing.
  • Meticulous account keeping and ability to assist with keeping to budget.
  • Ability to produce documents with high levels of written english (eg: letters or press releases).
  • Ideally, some experience in Arts and/or Education.
  • Spoken fluency in Sinhala.

Working Hours:

The job can be done partially from home at hours convenient to the Coordinator based on:

  • Prompt reliable response to emails and phone calls.
  • Attending office space 1-2 days a week in Galle / Matara.
  • Attending meetings, site visits and conducting errands and assistance with Jaffna communications.
  • Be fully present prior and during Galle Children’s programmes from January 9th – 16th 2017 in Galle.

Payment Terms:

  • End of November: Rs.20,000
  • End of December Rs.25,000
  • End of January: Rs.40,000


To apply online – CLICK HERE


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