2018 Galle Art Trail

Galle Art Trail 2018

Fairway Galle Literary Festival - Galle Art Trail 2018

The Galle Art Trail is back, from the 24th to the 28th January. The Galle Fort and beyond will have over 20 pop-up galleries showcasing paintings, photography, sculptures, posters and installations from Sri Lanka and abroad.

Many works are for sale!

Ponder over, mingle with art lovers, converse with the artistes, just soak it in and enjoy the surroundings, many of which have not been opened up in years … discover the old Galle Fort, and enjoy The 2018 Galle Art Trail.


Galle Art Trail Map:

Each gallery will have a green flag outside it … and a map will be available in the 2018 Galle Art Trail printed programme which can be picked up in Galle.

2018 Galle Art Trail Location Map

*Map courtesy of The Fort Bazaar


  1. Hussain Warehouse
    Artist: Muhanned Cader, Chathurika Jayani, Channa Ekanayake, Sanjeevee Seneviratne, Michael Anthonisz, Chiranthi Nayani Gunasekara, “Three Blind Men – Dominic Sansoni and Sebastian Posingis”, Private Collections (Live photography with Tavish and Ashini”Ivan Peries, George Keyt, David Paynter, Tissa Ranasinghe, Katuwana Piyananda Thero, Bikku Sumedha, Kushan Manjusri, Laki Senanayake)
  2. Amangalla
    Artist: Anura Saparamadu, Sanjaya Geekiyange, Tamarra Jayasundera.
  3. The Dutch Governers Mansion
    Artist: Chris Dawes, Sofie Knijff, Cassie Machado, Julie Laenkholm
  4. The Fort Printers
    Artist: Marie-Caroline Senlis
  5. Forteleza
    Artists: Jonathan Craig, Luca Gagno
  6. The Post Office – Live photography with Tavish and Ashini
  7. The Heritage Cafe
    Artist: Sabrina Rennie, Samanthi Rajasingham, Yanik Tissera, Tavish Gunasena
  8. Fort Bazaar
    Artist: Shehan Madawela
  9. The Sansoni Building
    Artist: Layla Gonaduwa
  10. The Galle Fort Gallery
    Artist: J C Rathnayake, Cora De Lang, Kavan Balasuriya
  11. Exotic Roots
    Artist: Catherine, Asia and Inca
  12. Stick No Bills
    Artists: Various
  13. Admirals House
    Artist: Luka Alagiyawanna, Original Source and Supply, Mahen Chammugam, Ashini Nanayakkara
  14. Karma
    Artists: The Karma Collection
  15. The Art Cafe, Villa Ayura
    Artist: The Taprobane Collection, Bikku Sumedha,Kushan Manjusri, Laki Senanayake and Cora De Lang
  16. Spa Ceylon
    Exhibit: The Majestic Ceylon Elephant
  17. The Fort Oriental Villa
    Ivan Peries, George Keyt, David Paynter, Tissa Ranasinghe, Katuwana Piyananda Thero, African art and masks
  18. Landesi
    Artist: Sanjaya Geekiyange
  19. Barefoot
    Artist: Druvinka, Pinky Madawela, Alex Stewart, Lizzie Porter and Prasad Hettiarchai.
  20. Raux Brothers
    Artists: Dillai Joseph, Dhanush De Costa
  21. Serendipity Arts Cafe
    Artist: Anastasia Georgievskaya
  22. Prince of Galle
    Artist: Salazar Quas


  1. 14 Dewamiththa Mawatha
    Artist: Yanti Rajap-Lebbe
  2. Sri Yoga Shala
    Artist: You’re My Favorite
  3. The Closenburg Hotel
    Artist: David Edmondson, Robert Sedgley, Ryan Heathcote, Alexander Beckett
  4. The Old Railway
    Artist: Benjamin Balfour
  5. Jetwing Lighthouse
    Donald Trunk by Janet Anderton
  6. Lunuganga
    Artist: Saskia Pringiers
  7. Mirissa Hills
    Exhibit: Mirissa Hills Art Gallery
  8. Salty Swamis
    Artist: Zev Landes


Galle Art Trail Participants:

  1. Anastasia Georgievskaya
  2. Anura Saparamadu
  3. Channa Ekanayake (George Keyts Foundation)
  4. Chathurika Jayani (George Keyts Foundation)
  5. Chiranthi Nayani Gunasekara (George Keyts Foundation)
  6. Shehan Madawela
  7. Chris Dawes
  8. Cora De Lang
  9. David Edmondson
  10. Dillai Joseph
  11. Dhanush De Costa
  12. Janet Anderton
  13. Exotic Roots (Catherine, Asia and Inca)
  14. Sanjeevee Seneviratne (George Keyts Foundation)
  15. Kavan Balasuriya
  16. Layla Gonaduwa
  17. Galle Faces (Jonathan Craig & Luca Gagno)
  18. Luka Alagiyawanna
  19. Marie-Caroline Senlis
  20. Michael Anthonisz (George Keyts Foundation)
  21. Mirissa Hills
  22. The Fort Oriental Villa
  23. Robert Sedgley
  24. Ryan Heathcote
  25. Sabrina Rennie
  26. Sanjaya Geekiyange
  27. Karma Collection
  28. Samanthi Rajasingham
  29. Original Source and Supply
  30. Mahen Chammugam
  31. Chiranthi Nayani Gunasekara
  32. Sofie Knijff
  33. Tavish Gunasena
  34. The Galle Fort Art Gallery
  35. Muhanned Cader
  36. Cassie Machado
  37. Stick No Bills
  38. Tamarra Jayasundera
  39. Zev Landes
  40. Spa Ceylon
  41. The Admirals House
  42. Private Collections at Hussain Warehouse (Live photography with Tavish and Ashini Ivan Peries, George Keyt, David Paynter, Tissa Ranasinghe, Katuwana Piyananda Thero, Bikku Sumedha, Kushan Manjusri, Laki Senanayake)
  43. Saskia Pringiers
  44. Barefoot
  45. Alexander Beckett
  46. Benjamin Balfour
  47. The Taprobane Collection
  48. Yanti Rajap-Lebbe
  49. Venuri Perera
  50. Julie Laenkholm
  51. Yanik Tissera
  52. You’re My Favorite (Jonathan & Ryan Wijayaratne)
  53. Dominic Sansoni
  54. Sebastian Posingis
  55. Ashini Nanayakkara
  56. Salazar Quas
  57. J C Rathnayake
  58. Barefoot Artists – Druvinka, Pinky Madawela, Alex Stewart, Lizzie Porter, Prasad Hettiarchai
  59. Ivan Peries
  60. George Keyt
  61. David Paynter
  62. Tissa Ranasinghe
  63. Katuwana Piyananda Thero
  64. Bikku Sumedha
  65. Kushan Manjusri
  66. Laki Senanayake


The Galle Art Trail will take place from the 24th to the 28th January.


jenny stokes (bleasdale)

January 8, 2018 at 9:44 am - Reply

I wrote several e-mails asking IF I could diplay my art for this Festival.
I was told to wait!
Now I see there is an art walk!!!!!!!!!
I was born here in Sri Lanka and have a house here.
Jenny Stokes.
I would be interested in a reply lease.

Dananjaya Bandara

January 20, 2018 at 11:49 am - Reply

It is so nice

FGLF 2018 Fringe Events – Galle Literary Festival | 2018

January 22, 2018 at 2:04 pm - Reply

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