We are delighted to welcome molecular biologist and writer Dr. Gayathri Warnasuriya to the 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Dr. Gayathri Warnasuriya.

Dr. Gayathri Warnasuriya is a Sri Lankan Molecular Biologist with a background in Cancer Research and work experience in HIV/Public Health.

Born and brought up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, she has been a nomad since the age of fifteen and has lived in Saudi Arabia, the UK, Nigeria, Guyana, Barbados, and Pakistan.

Dr. Warnasuriya is also the author of “The Autumn Ball” one of the seven stories in the Jane Austen inspired anthology “Austenistan“, which pays homage to the world’s favourite author. (Austenistan is edited by fellow 2018 FLGF participant Laaleen Sukhera).

2018 FGLF Participant Book - Austenistan

“My story is about a modern-day Darcy who reverts to his non-dancing self after getting married to Elizabeth. It is a work of fiction set in the diplomatic community of Islamabad. The narrative is drawn from my own experience of moving around the world as a ‘trailing spouse’. Though I hate to spoil a happy ending, the reality of ‘happily ever after’ is never straightforward and even Darcy, I imagine, might be less than perfect in real life”.

“I fell in love with Jane Austen’s heroines as a teenager in Sri Lanka. Their trials and tribulations were closer to my own than those of the teenagers in Sweet Valley High books that surreptitiously circulated at school. I remember nervously waiting to be asked to dance at a party, stomach twisted with fear that I might be left seated alone while all my friends danced. To simply stand up and dance, without a partner, was unthinkable. That was some time ago but many aspects of South Asian society still evoke the world of Jane Austen and therein lies her enduring appeal. Also, just as her heroines delighted in witty conversation and the company of true friends, it gives me great pleasure to be among the remarkable ladies of Austenistan.”

She currently lives in Amman, Jordan, working on science and innovation partnerships.FGLF