We are delighted to welcome photographer Sofie Knijff to the 2018 Fairway Galle Literary Festival. She will be exhibiting her work at the 2018 Galle Art Trail.

FGLF 2018 Participant - Sophie Knijff

Dutch-Belgian photographer based in Amsterdam, Sofie Knijff’s fascination with the greater allusions of fairy tales has roots in many ways in her own nomadic past. Knijff mixes documentary techniques with staged settings to create dreamlike images in which the real and fictional become difficult to distinguish.

Living between Curaçao, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and France, Knijff developed early on a strong fascination for different cultures and identities.

Originally an elite performer in the Dutch theatre circuit, her desire to create the scenes, rather than enact them pushed her to transition her career and become a photographer 2003, when she entered the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. It is certain this unique background in theatre is reflected in her photographic universe.

(Sofie Knijff joins us by virtue of the generous sponsorship of the Embassy of the Netherlands.)


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