Anita Nair

We are delighted to welcome Anita Nair to the 2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival Author - Anita Nair.

Considered the No. 1 female crime writer in the Indian pulp fiction scene today (The Hindu 2016), Anita Nair is the critically acclaimed and bestselling author of ‘The Better Man’(2000), ‘Ladies Coupe’(2001), ‘Mistress’(2005), ‘Lessons in Forgetting’(2011), ‘Cut Like Wound’ (2012), ‘Idris: Keeper of the Light’ (2014) and ‘Alphabet Soup For Lovers’.

She has also published a collection of poems titled ‘Malabar Mind’ (2002) and a collection of essays titled ‘Goodnight & God Bless’ and has written two plays and the screenplay for the movie adaptation of her novel, ‘Lessons in Forgetting’, which won the National Film Award for 2012.

She was awarded the Central Sahitya Akademi award for her contribution to Children’s Literature in 2013, and her books have been translated into 30 languages.

Her 6th novel ‘Idris: Keeper of The Light‘ (2014) is a historical and geographical novel about a Somalian trader who visited Malabar in 1659 AD.

Idris: Keeper of the Light by Anita Nair.

Idris is a Somali traveller who discovers that a chance-met boy is his son. He finds out that his son Kandavar wants to join the Chaver, a band of warriors who have sworn to assassinate the Zamorin. To save him from certain death, Idris promises Kandavar’s uncle first to keep an eye on the boy, then later to take him on a long journey to broaden his horizons and distract him from his suicidal ambitions. They travel along the coast of southern India, via Ceylon, Thoothukudi and Paliacatta, finally to end in the diamond mines of the Golconda kingdom.

Her new novel, ‘Chain of Custody’ (2016) has just been published and is her second crime novel. Chain of Custody is a sequel to Nair’s previous crime novel Cut Like Wound (2012).

Chain of Custody by Anita Nair.

What begins as a search for a missing twelve-year-old girl, takes a more sinister turn when Inspector Gowda finds himself embroiled in Bangalore’s child-trafficking underworld, a complex network of kidnapping, child abuse, sexual exploitation, murder and the taste of pure hell. Negotiating insensitive laws, indifferent officials, uncooperative witnesses, not to mention wife, son and lover on the home front, Gowda must race against time to a finish line he can’t yet see.

“I began the book after I observed a trafficker at a shelter. He was little more than a youth himself and it seemed to me he was merely taking forward what had happened to him. In fact, the story of Tina in Chain of Custody is based on a real-life account I was privy to and it shattered me. I remember coming home that afternoon and being unable to eat or drink or even speak to anyone. I sat in a dark room unwilling to step out and all through I kept thinking that if this is what hearing the story has done to me, what must be the state of the child I talked to. How would anyone get past what she had endured? She might have escaped the trafficker, but would she ever really be able to get past the trauma and anguish, the fear and depravity.” – Anita Nair.

Anita researched on child trafficking for 4 months before she began writing the novel.

“I didn’t have to exaggerate a single detail because the extent of depravity is so horrendous … ” – Anita Nair.

She has also published a collection of poems titled ‘Malabar Mind’ (2002) and a collection of essays titled ‘Goodnight & God Bless’ and has written two plays and the screenplay for the movie adaptation of her novel, ‘Lessons in Forgetting’, which won the National Film Award for 2012.

She runs a Creative Writing Mentorship program in Bangalore called Anita’s Attic.

Anita Nair was born in Shornur in Palakkad district of Kerala and wrote her first poem when she was 7.

She was working as the creative director of an advertising agency in Bangalore when she wrote her first book, a collection of short stories called ‘Satyr of the Subway’ which won her a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

Anita was chosen as one of the 30 Power Women in India for the year 2006 by India Today magazine.

She lives in Bangalore with her husband, Harish and son.

Recognition and Accolades:

  • Triangle Media Group Global top 50 hot list of 2006-07 in the category of Fashion, Literature and Art.
  • Awarded the FLO FICCI Women Achievers Awards 2008 for Literature.
  • She was felicitated by Montblanc in 2009 as part of their Signature for Good initiative with UNICEF for her contribution to literature, enforcing cross cultural endeavours and enlightening experiences that have transcended an inexhaustible diversity of forms – barriers of language, cultures and identities.
  • 2010 Anita Nair was awarded the Women of Substance Award by the Times Group for the outstanding contribution in the field of literature.
  • The same year she was awarded the JFW (South India’s leading women’s magazine) award for literary excellence.
  • May 2012 she was honoured by the Kerala Sahitya Akademi for her contribution to Literature and Culture.
  • October 2012 she was awarded Arch of Excellence Award by the All India Achievers’ Conference, New Delhi for Literature.

Anita Nair at FGLF 2017

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