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We are delighted to welcome Saman Wickramaarachchi to the 2017 Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

Shortlisted for the Fairway National Literary Award (FNLA) 2016, Sinhala Language

Saman Wickramaarachchi’s is a Sihnala author whose novels include ‘Asani wehi, Eeshwareege katha wasthuwa’, ‘Asandimiththa’ – shortlisted for Fairway National Literary Award (FNLA) 2016, and the Sinhala short stories, ‘Sillara Premaya’.

As a cultural critic, he has reviewed numerous works of Sinhala Literature.

He has also translated ‘My Days’ by R. K. Narayan, as well as work by Sartre, Moravia and Chekov; ‘Jaguar’s Smile’ by Salman Rushdie, ‘Roots’ by Alex Haley, and ‘The Art of the Novel’ by Kundera.

Currently a visiting law lecturer at Sir John Kothalawala Defence University, he has an LLB Degree from Colombo University, an MA Degree from Kelaniya University and is currently a PhD Reader at Peradeniya University.