FAIRWAY GALLE LITERARY FESTIVAL PANEL: Faraway Places with Strange Sounding Names: Travel writing with Katherine Boo, John Gimlette & Christina Lamb.

Date: Saturday, January 14 2017.

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Location: Fairway Pavilion, Galle Fort.

One of the most intimate ways we learn about foreign places is through travel literature and journalism. Some of these works are straightforward accounts of a place, others are personal journeys writers embarks on while in a foreign place, the quest both internal and external.

This outsider view can be fraught with ethical and logistical difficulties for a travel writer. At the same time, the outsider view can bring a fresh, more startling take on a place; can bring joy and humour and inner expansion.

In this animated panel, three wonderful travel writers talk about their own journeys in writing their travel books and journalistic pieces. They will read briefly from their work to illustrate the challenges and pleasures of traveling and travel writing.

Jetwing Hotels is happy to be associated with Christina Lamb’s visit to the Festival. SLT Telecom is happy to be associated with Katherine Boo’s visit to the Festival. John Gimlette and Christina Lamb’s travel is sponsored by Sri Lankan Airlines.

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