Please note that our box office is cashless.  

For customers requiring assistance to purchase tickets online – Hotline – (076) 533 8664 


Collection of tickets, once purchased online, can be collected from 16th January 2019 onwards

from our box office at the festival within Galle fort – 9.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m The sports hall Next to Hall De Galle within the Galle Fort


price list

In Conversation – LKR 1,500

Duet – LKR 1,500

Solo Act – LKR 1,500

Fairway Galle Literary Panel – LKR 1,500

Day Pass: 17th Thursday, 18th Friday, 19th Saturday –  LKR 6,000

Festival Pass – LKR 15,000




Poetry Writing for adults by Ramya Jirasinghe – LKR 3,500

Poetry Writing for 14-18 years by Ramya Jirasinghe – LKR 3,500

Interview Technique by Georgina Godwin – LKR 3,500

Song Writing by Justin Whyte – LKR 3,500

Portrait Painting by Fabienne Francotte – LKR 5,500 (Art Supplies Included)



Literary Salon

Coco Chanel with Justine Picardie – LKR 10,000 (Includes Book, Drink and Cocktails)

Landscapes at Sunset with Sir Don McCullin – LKR 6,000 (Drink included)



Excursions :-

Galle Fort. A Walk through Time and Style by Channa Daswatte – LKR 4,500

Lunuganga. A Crucible of Architectural Experiment – LKR 12,000

(Includes Lunch, Wine and Transportation)



Coffee Events :-

Elevenses at 10: War and Photography by Sir Don McCullin – LKR 3,500 (Includes Coffee and Snacks)

Nightcap: Posting letters to the moon by Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams – LKR 3,000

(Includes Coffee and Dessert)


Master Classes:- LKR 9,000 (Includes Lunch)


Gourmet Events, Lunches and Dinners :-

Tea and Poetry :- LKR 3,500
Literary Lunch :- LKR 9,000
Private Affair :- LKR 15,000
Wine Tasting Experience :- LKR 4,000
Literary Dinner :- LKR 12,000
Opening Party :- LKR 7,500
Finale Lunch :- LKR 7,500
All Author’s Dinner :- LKR 7,500


Poetry by Nicole May :- LKR 1,500
Soul Sounds in concert, also featuring Soul :- LKR 2,000
Ishan de Lanerolle and the Cathedral Choir :- LKR 2,000
Chamber Music Society :- LKR 2,000
Mayhem past Midnight with Megan Dhakshini, Justin Whyte and The Soul :- LKR 1,000

Free Events :-

The Fairway Galle Literary Festival Sinhala Day
The Fairway Galle Literary Festival Tamil Day
Shakespeare in the Fort by School Students
Exhibition: Nicholas Bouvier in Galle
Virtual Reality Installation: Kafka’s Metamorphoses
Reading: Le Poisson Scorpion
Lunchtime Illuminations
Sunset Series
Sunset Colours – Free Booked Event




  • Tickets can be purchased directly from the Fairway Galle Literary Festival (FGLF) website online. Online purchases may also be made at our official outlet at Barefoot Bookshop, Colombo.
  • Once you purchase your ticket online, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from FGLF. You will exchange your printed confirmation mail or scan your mobile confirmation in exchange for a ticket or pass at the official FGLF Box Offices in Colombo or Galle.
  • There shall be no exchange of tickets or refund of ticket money once they are purchased.  However, the Company may issue, at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion, a partial or full refund of your Ticket, by accounting for, among other considerations, the extent and nature of the cancellation.
  • These tickets will only grant you access to events at The Festival which will be mentioned on your ticket / pass.
  • You will not be allowed to enter any festival events with only the confirmation mail or mobile confirmation, withoutthe ticket/pass issued at the official FGLF Box Offices in Colombo or Galle or purchased at our official outlet at Barefoot Bookshop, Colombo.  . 
  • Printed tickets must be on your person at all times until the respective event has ended.
  • There will be no automatic right of re-admission during the Festival should the printed ticket become lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged. 
  • By purchasing this ticket you unconditionally accept the risk of damage to, loss of and/or theft of your ticket. 
  • Tickets purchased from unauthorised sales channels (e.g., scalpers or resale sites) not issued by the Official Fairway Galle Literary Festival may be forged, and will not be honoured. 
  • Anyone caught forging entry tickets, or any other special admission tickets in order to access the Festival or sell such tickets for the festival will be prosecuted without exception.
  • During the Festival, you must be able to provide valid identification if requested by a member of security or staff. 
  • Illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Festival. Any person found in possession of such substances will be denied entry and / or removed from the Festival Premises, and Police may be called to attend.
  • At the Festival, it is forbidden to try to access sections restricted to certain ticket holders, participants or FGLF staff – such as production rooms, VIP zones, press rooms, offices, backstage and working areas – unless in accordance with your ticket / pass or credentials.
  • Persons attending the Festival may be filmed, photographed or recorded as part of the audience. This media is owned by Fairway Galle Literary Festival and may be used for any promotional material or other publication of the Festival. The “Footage” may also be used by or on behalf of the Company or any of the Company’s parent entities, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, sponsors, officers, shareholders, successors or assigns for any purpose, including, but not limited to, archival, promotional, and commercial purposes, without any notice or compensation to you. By attending the event you give Fairway Galle Literary Festival the permission to use this media without any notice or compensation to you. You waive all other rights in the Footage, including, but not limited to, all claims of so- called moral rights. 
  • If the Festival is cancelled in whole or in part due to a Force Majeure Event, you will not be entitled to a refund. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may issue, at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion, a partial or full refund of your Ticket, by accounting for, among other considerations, the extent and nature of the cancellation.
  • A “Force Majeure Event” shall mean an act of God, act of terrorism, flood, tsunami or other natural disaster, war, strike or other labor condition or dispute, an order or injunction of any court or administrative body or any other act of public authority, severe weather threatening the safety of Festival attendees or similar contingency or unexpected event, and any such occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the Company.
  • In all instances, the maximum remedy you may receive for the cancellation of any part of the Festival, if any, will be the face value of Your Ticket, excluding all fees and/or service charges paid by you in connection with the purchase of Your Ticket.