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Create awareness of the increasing depth and diversity of Sri Lankan writing in English

The last 5 years saw Sri Lankan authors hitting the international stage in a big way; from Booker Prize to Thriller Awards to Sunday Times Bestsellers and all that’s in-between 

The Festival provides a platform to nurture the writing culture in Sri Lanka and offers opportunities for new writers to be recognised alongside internationally acclaimed names. The Festival also allows Sri Lankan writers to build networks within the literary world, with publishers, agents, journalists and more. 

Drive creativity and inspire literary excellence

The Galle Literary Festival is a forum where some of the literary world’s most celebrated writers share ideas, participate in healthy debate and exchange experiences.

The Festival continues to evolve in content, while retaining the unique intimacy that allows its audiences immediate and inspiring encounters with writers. The Festival is also committed, through its outreach programmes and closer engagement with local writers, to contribute further to the growth of Sri Lankan creativity. 

Promote South Sri Lanka as a key tourist destination

Conde Nast Traveller, The Financial Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Singapore Straits Times, among many other publications, have covered the Festival and its location extensively and extremely favourably.

The Festival has increased in its reach locally as well as globally, and each year more Festival enthusiasts seek to attend the event. From tuk-tuk drivers to owners of boutique hotels and spas in the area, the Festival provides a much awaited boost to local businesses and Galle’s tourism driven economy.

GLF Demographic

Men & Women

25-65 years


Middle income professionals and entrepreneurs who value cultural experiences. This group includes both Sri Lankans & expatriates living in Sri Lanka, as well international tourists 


Students & Youth

12-21 years

Dreamers, achievers and adventurers, currently in school or university with a passion for books and blogs

They represent the future of Sri Lanka. 


Local & Int. 

International travel & literary media send news stories to the rest of the world gaining Sri Lanka positive publicity. 

Local media play an important role in taking the Festival to a wide local audience. 


Local & Int. 

This group acts in an ambassadorial role, carrying with them their experiences of the Festival, Galle and Sri Lanka. 


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